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French Press


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Our KM french press is composed of resistant glass. Its rust, warp, and corrosion-resistant qualities ensure your everyday coffee lasts a lifetime. This transparent beaker allows you to monitor the whole process of coffee brewing. When you press the stainless steel filter arm, you can observe how the hot water and KM coffee ground separates beautifully. When you pour the coffee through this french press, there is another stainer to further purity the foreign entities, and as soon as your coffee is poured into the cup, you can smell the aroma fusion all over your house. It is an ideal tool for coffee beginners and is a professional barista favorite. As a coffee lover, you must never take a risk to compromise on the taste. A cup of freshly homemade coffee takes only a few minutes to serve on the table, and you can enjoy it no matter where you are with the help of KM French Press.

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