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Buying coffee used to be simple. You walked down the aisle, grabbed your usual bag of beans, and went on home. There wasn’t much variation in flavor and there really weren’t many things to think it about. It was easy… and boring. Specialty coffee is different. You can buy beans from dozens of origin countries. You can buy coffee with tons of new and diverse flavors. You can buy organic coffee, fair trade, direct trade, bird-friendly, light roasts, arabica, washed process—gaaah. It can feel like a lot sometimes. Buying specialty coffee beans shouldn’t be stressful or confusing. It should be an adventure. In this ultimate guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about coffee beans.

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Freshness in Every Pack

KM Coffee produces standard coffee beans that are packed every month. So when it comes to freshness, you will receive fresh coffee every time you order.

Cultivated in Alpines

Every KM Coffee bean is cultivated in the high altitude mountainous region of Nepal from 1000 meters to 2000 meters.

Pesticide Free

Majority of coffee farms spray toxic pesticides and herbicides to get rid of the bugs and insects. Unlike others, KM coffee features chemical free beans that are harvested in nutrient rich soil.

Special Beans

KM Coffee beans are handpicked and finely chosen among thousands of beans. It consists of perfect raw beans which does not hinder the quality of the taste.

Chemical Free

Coffee farms often soak the soil in unhealthy chemical fertilizers. When you grind up the beans consisting of chemical residue and mix it up with hot water then you are boosting the chemical elements in your coffee that are hazardous to health. But we at KM Coffee make beans chemical free i.e. does not harm your health.