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Aeropress is fast and simple. You can get smooth, healthy coffee with this process.


  • Place the paper filter in the base and thoroughly rinse it. This Rinsing removes the paper taste and pre-warms your cup (remember to discard the rinse water from your cup before brewing).


  • Place your Aeropress together on top of your cup.


  • Place about 17gm of medium to fine grind coffee in the Aeropress.


  • Fill the Aeropress with 220ml of hot water (92° C the best temperature of water). If you don’t have the scale just fill up to the 4 marker


  • Stir thoroughly before placing on top of the Aeropress. When you put the top on, you'll create a seal that will prevent any more water from draining into your cup.


  • Wait a couple of minutes, then press until you hear the hiss sound


  • Enjoy your coffee. Add hot water for black coffee, or milk and sugar to taste.