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French Press

French press is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to make a consistent, heavy bodied black coffee. Learn the basics: how to make a pot of great French press coffee.

Here's a recommended recipe:

  • The ratio of water to the coffee: 15 g water to 1 g
  • Water temperature: 92 – 94 C
  • Time for the brewing: 4 minutes 30 seconds


  • Using hot water, preheat your French press, making sure to include the plunger. Although it is not necessary, I strongly suggest using a warm carafe to extract all of the flavors into your cup. It's a great time to grind your coffee beans when your French press is warming up (for about 30 seconds). Grind coffee grounds in your burr grinder. Empty the hot water from your carafe after 30 seconds. Your French Press is now ready to use!

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 1: Prepare - CoffeeHow.co


  • Fill in the carafe with freshly-roasted coffee and shake mildly to ensure a uniform leveling of grounds.

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 2: Add your coffee - CoffeeHow.co


  • To ensure that all of the grounds are saturated, pour hot water (92° C - 94° C) over them in a circular motion. Fill your carafe halfway with water.

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 3: Add water - CoffeeHow.co


  • Set your timer for 30 seconds and wait. Blooming is the name given to this operation. Your coffee grounds can release gases like carbon dioxide during blooming, allowing for a much smoother extraction when the rest of the water is added. Your coffee will become bubbly and larger in amount. To crack the crust, gently stir it with a wooden spoon (or whatever you prefer).

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 4: Let it Bloom! - CoffeeHow.co


  • Fill the carafe the rest of the way with hot water. Add the cap and gently lower the plunger until the mesh barely reaches the water's surface. Do not completely depress the plunger yet.

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 5: Add more water - CoffeeHow.co


  • Set your timer for four minutes as your coffee is brewing
  • You can now completely depress the plunger. Please drive it gently and steadily without exerting excessive force. Then, decant your coffee into a preferred cup or bottle as soon as possible. To stop over-extraction and bitterness in your coffee, do not leave it in a carafe.

How to make French Press Coffee - Step 7: Plunge and pour - CoffeeHow.co