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Looking for a fun way to spice up your morning coffee? Caffe Americano is a good option. An Americano is an espresso drink that is flavored with hot water rather than milk.

It is really easy to make an Americano.

Two things you need: a hot/boiling machine and an espresso.


  • Prepare a latte mug or a coffee mug. You can pre-heat the mug by filling it halfway with water.
  • In a separate cup, pour 3 ounces or more if you like your drink stronger espresso shot.

  • Pour about 3 ounces of hot water into the mug you'll be drinking from.

  • Pour into the mug the espresso shot.


  • Take pleasure in your Americano! To make your favorite style, adjust the proportions of the ingredients (water and espresso). Other do-dahs, such as honey, sugar, cinnamon, and so on, can be added. An Americano is a great way to start the day, no matter how you serve it.